What if your clients could review and rank employee performance as effectively as any large enterprise?
And what if they could do it quickly through software that helps, advises, and guides them?

Join us on to learn how Idilus is using PrismHR and JuvodHR performance management software to help small and medium businesses improve employee performance and protect business owners.

See a live demo of the performance management software that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s starts with searching 15,000 job titles and tasks, and then you can quickly extend and update that for each unique job, creating clear job descriptions that tie back to performance reviews. Performance ratings are visual, fast and easy, and include feedback language to share during the performance review.

About the presenters:

Matt Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Idilus -  Matt joined Idilus in 2012 and comes to Idilus with over 22 years of experience in the insurance and healthcare fields. His resume includes companies such as McDonalds, Liberty Mutual, Sedgwick CMS and LabCorp and Occupational Medicine Corporation. Matt has a BA in psychology from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
susanmravaca.jpgSusan Mravca, CEO and co-founder of JuvodHR - Susan has a thirty year history of building businesses with operational excellence and remarkable earnings performance. Prior to starting JuvodHR Susan sold her most successful start-up,
H. Allen and Company Inc., a technology staffing firm to StaffMark Inc. Susan’s early companies included SmartCan System, computer maintenance businesses, as well as roles at Exxon and Intelogic Trace.  Susan holds an MBA from Benedictine University and a BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.